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The designer

“Expressing your style with jewelry makes people crave your vibes”

David Dan is a jewelry designer that grew up in Tahiti surrounded by the unconditional beauty of nature. Jewelry and diamonds where a part of his life as long as he can remember. 

His mother would dress every morning with her most beautiful pieces, ready to sell her most precious collections to her private clients on the island. His parents worked hand in hand, a true family business that sparked and nourished his love for jewelry and diamonds. 

David Dan followed his parents footsteps, designing and creating high end jewelry for his own private clients around the world. Now you can finally have access to his luxurious diamond collections online.  

Handmade with love from Los Angeles

David Dan jewels are uniquely crafted by our artisans who dedicate themselves to perfection every step of the way. It is our passion to create and design jewels that make you feel unique and special. A simple and elegant way to tell your story and reveal your personality without having to speak.

Nourishing this connection between the artisan and his meticulous work is crucial in order to deliver our clients with a timeless jewel of great value and positive vibes. 

The value of handmade jewelry lies in the significant investement of time and care that each of our artisans dedicates. Our craftsman have a strong love and passion for their work, transforming raw materials into masterpieces. 

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High quality gold & diamonds

Creating a timeless handmade piece of art necessitates beautiful and pure raw materials. David Dan brings his jewels to life by utilizing only exceptional high quality diamonds and 18 carat gold. 

All our diamonds and precious stones are examined and approved by David Dan himself and our experts. Our capicity to connect with diamond districts around the world assures that our customers will own precious and exceptional stones. It is important for us that the quality of your stones go beyond your expectations. This is exactly what makes a jewel timeless; purity and color.

David Dan is high end jewelry with spectacular craftsmanship.