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Make it pop with these unique jewels carefully chosen by the designer.


Discover these fine jewelry collections who have been carefully designed to make you feel unique & beautiful.


David Dan designs and creates unique and powerful jewelry to provide women around the world with expressive and timeless jewels that make them feel simply magnificent.


David Dan jewels are delicately crafted by our artisans who dedicate themselves to perfection every step of the way. A great artisan has a personal connection and love for their craft that gives them the gift of transforming simple materials into masterpieces. Nourishing this connection between the artisan and its meticulous work is crucial to David Dan in order to deliver our clients with a timeless jewel of great value and positive vibes. Here, in the David Dan workshops it is our passion to create and design jewels that make you feel unique and beautiful. A fashionable way to tell your story and reveal your personality.


Diamonds are indisputably one of the earths most precious and luxurious stone. They have and always will remain a rare object of great desire and beauty. After being skilfully cut and shaped, each stone reveals unique characteristics that will define its value. Experts at David Dan worship excellence and quality. Each diamond is carefully chosen to ensure that every single jewel created in our workshops will not only hold value but exhibit pure beauty. Quality is critical; All of our jewellery are created with 18K gold to provide a rich golden colour that contrasts beautifully with high quality diamonds.


There is something absolutely inspiring and magical when you envision a design and create it. David Dan values every step of this journey, imagining and visualising the jewel, designing its every detail, and bringing it to life with skilled artisans and high quality gold and diamonds. Our job is to create collections that will leave you breathless with fiery and brilliant designs.

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David Dan creations are handmade and handcrafted with passion by our talented artisans.

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At David Dan we observes the highest ethical standards about conflict-free diamonds and additional care offered for metal mining.

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David Dan using only exceptional high quality diamonds and 18 karat gold.

Handmade with Love from Los Angeles


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